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death_society's Journal

Monday, November 6, 2006


For like minds, huh? *How* like, exactly?

I guess I'm obligated to do some sort of introduction, huh. Fuck it. I am. I'm mean. I'm a multidrug abuser, an artist and writer (I have a book on drug shamanism in process,) and other than that, an intellectual and professional dilletante. I've studied psychology extensively, forensics and criminology to a useful but highly incomplete degree (I only just acquired a good Criminology text, plus a procedures handbook for homicide cops at a crime scene and some other educational stuff,) pharmacology to as high a degree I can manage without a chemistry degree, and from there, all sorts of weird random shit, from paleontology to mycology to religion to music. I'm a metalhead. I am a hunter and a predator by nature. I don't have many friends offline, because I have very low social drive and because everyone can sense my nature and most consequently avoid me. I'm getting better at hiding it, though. In high school very few people spoke to me; one person told me I was, quote, "a force of nature." If I hadn't been told that, and other things related, I'd have no idea why people are either repelled or attracted like gravity to me. I don't care which it is. I'm a shitty friend anyway. That's pretty much it. Oh, and I love arguing and structured debate and I'm an accomplished ad hominem duellist. I consider invective a much-neglected and abused art form. I invent words like 'crapples,' 'shitscissors', 'fire-assed twatbird,' and the like because the world needs that kind of colour to make it worth living in. I'm a reincarnationist, a nonconventional anarchocommunist, feral, and ugly. My natural state is unwashed, unshaven, uncut hair, drug-sharpened eyes.

In short I'm pretty much another ugly fuck on the street that doesn't matter for shit and probably not much different from most people, in the darkest corners of their souls, the parts they don't pay attention to. I'm just more self-aware and more honest.

Oh, forgot to mention, I'm an incredible liar. I never fail to give people warning of that, but it still doesn't help them figure out when I'm lying. Too bad, I guess. I used to go by the name Liar's Verity. And this isn't my real journal, but I'm not sharing the name of the other one. I made this for the thoughts, ideas, and so forth I can' t let other people see.

Why am I here, then? Irresistable self-destructive tendencies. Plus, it's hard to think and deduce in a vacuum. I'm a little bit curious about my peers in this... aspect. If there are any here. I don't know why I'm interested, but I am. So.

And, most importantly, I'm hyperverbal as all fuck when I get going. That's everything relevant. The rest is extraneous.

Does anyone else get *exceedingly* jealous of the murderers of time past? I couldn't get through that Jack the Ripper: Case Closed book by whatshername. I hate Jack the Ripper, in particular, because of the shit he was able to get away with. And with only the barest modicum of preperation and foresight. All you needed to be a successful predator then was a surface understanding of criminology and a decent amount of cunning and preperation. These days... fuck, it's a nightmare even for someone as brilliant as I supposedly am. I can't stand keeping myself on a chain in my own lair but the thought of prison is abhorrent, anathema. I wouldn't even be able to smell the wind or see the moon, much less run in the rain. Fuck all kinds of that. So I just sit at home with my Knife, pace, and dream.

Hi. I'm a misomanic dacnomaniac. Is anyone else? Anyone here...?

Monday, August 21, 2006

7:37PM - Gacy painting for sale

Up for sale is a near mint condition "Skull Clown" painting by John Wayne Gacy.


title or description

Also, I am currently thinking about selling my entire collection which can be viewed at -

Please contact me if you are interested in any particular items.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

10:09PM - THE TAPE

looking for a black vhs tape, unmarked..with a series of weird video clips on it. static audio.
willing to pay.

thanks. reply to this.

Saturday, October 2, 2004


What Kind of Serial Killer are you? by houseofjigsaw
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Saturday, January 17, 2004

8:43AM - Spill the blood and raise your glass




I want to kill someone. ANYONE. I don't care, just let me kill them, let me wrap my cold hands around their throat, smother my skin in their blood, rip their innards out, Listen to their screams, let my conscience drain from my mind, let my thoughts turn into chaos. Please God? Oh pretty please? I hate humanity. I hate this feeling of guilt I get for the other feelings I have. *Grumbles*

I hate myself so much. I would hate other people more, but they did nothing wrong to me except annoy me, and make me feel like this. LIKE SHIT, pure shit.

I hate it when I'm bleeding. I hate my blood. I rather see yours. I rather watch you suffer, than me.

I'm one selfish mother fucker, now that I think about it. I'm so locked in my own world that I rarely even notice that there are other people out there who feel just like me. Hmmm....If I did give a shit about other people and their lives, then would that make me a nosy mother fucker as opposed to a selfish one?

^Another question that gives life its wonderous and mysterious exstitence. -_-

Hello. I am Virginia and I too am an angsty teen that hates life.

Current mood: guilty