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Spill the blood and raise your glass




I want to kill someone. ANYONE. I don't care, just let me kill them, let me wrap my cold hands around their throat, smother my skin in their blood, rip their innards out, Listen to their screams, let my conscience drain from my mind, let my thoughts turn into chaos. Please God? Oh pretty please? I hate humanity. I hate this feeling of guilt I get for the other feelings I have. *Grumbles*

I hate myself so much. I would hate other people more, but they did nothing wrong to me except annoy me, and make me feel like this. LIKE SHIT, pure shit.

I hate it when I'm bleeding. I hate my blood. I rather see yours. I rather watch you suffer, than me.

I'm one selfish mother fucker, now that I think about it. I'm so locked in my own world that I rarely even notice that there are other people out there who feel just like me. Hmmm....If I did give a shit about other people and their lives, then would that make me a nosy mother fucker as opposed to a selfish one?

^Another question that gives life its wonderous and mysterious exstitence. -_-

Hello. I am Virginia and I too am an angsty teen that hates life.
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